Engagement Sessions

Tips and frequently asked questions

How should I dress?

Whether you dress casual or formal is up to you, but in my experience going too far either way isn't optimal. Just as an example: a tie and a dress shirt would be a bit to formal, and a printed T shirt and sneakers would be to casual.

I never tell clients exactly what to wear, but I have a few suggestions about what not to wear:

  • Identical outfits, or even similar colors

  • Sleeveless shirts

  • Loud patterns or neon colors

  • Printed T-shirts

  • New or uncomfortable shoes. Engagement shoots often involve walking between different locations and possibly through unpaved terrain.

  • Be sure not to bring anything you have to carry, like a purse or handbag


Let me know your preference: an urban, natural, or sentimental location with some meaning for you both.


The best time for engagements shoots are right at sunrise or a few hours before sunset. I really like sunrise, the light has a wonderful quality, and depending on the location there well be much less people around. But it can be challenging if your not a morning person.

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